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Extend Patent Protection with Drug / Biomarker Combination.

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Martina Schad

CoFounder - CEO

Jim Kallarackal

CoFounder - CTO

Dorian Bevec

Medical and Scientific Advisor

Tim Rödiger

Economic Healthcare Advisor


OakLabs Develops Novel Biomarkers from Existing Clinical Samples and Data.

  • Interested in an accurate biomarker specifically designed for your drug that creates new IP and maximizes patent protection?
  • Want to make sure that a novel biomarker will be a feasible fall back option in case your drug requires one?
  • Aim at early acquisition of data that prove a significant added value for your drug?
  • Want to find out what benefits to expect from a novel AI-developed biomarker?
  • Unsure if your mode of action biomarker is sufficiently reliable for patient selection?

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